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LAP-BAND® Surgery in Las Vegas

Are you one of the many overweight people looking for weight loss diets and weight loss surgery to help eliminate diabetes, hyper tension or heart disease. If none of the treatments have worked for you, LAP-BAND® surgery in Las Vegas will definitely get you back in shape. Our team of surgeons holds expertise in LAP-BAND® surgery. Las Vegas residents can trust them for the process.

The fastest growing weight loss method in the U.S., gastric LAP-BAND® surgery is minimally invasive, effective and a safe way of getting rid of obesity. The primary objective of the LAP-BAND® procedure is to help overweight people achieve long term weight loss results and improve health to live a longer happier life.

Laproscopic adjustable gastric banding, also known as LAP-BAND® surgery leads to weight loss by restricting the amount of food your stomach can hold. LAP-BAND® surgeons place an adjustable silicone band in the upper part of the stomach and create a small pouch. They leave the larger portion of the stomach below the laparoscopic band.

The LAP-BAND® is a hollow ring that is filled with saline and it can be adjusted with more or less saline for creating a larger or smaller opening. There is no cutting, intestinal rerouting or stapling of the stomach which makes LAP-BAND® surgery better than other weight loss alternatives in the medical industry.

oBand Surgery Centers, are owned and operated by nationally recognized Las Vegas bariatric surgeons. The team of board certified surgeons have experience in carrying out adjustable & reversible LAP-BAND® procedures and have successfully performed thousands of LAP-BAND® surgery procedures.

We work with you with one goal in mind, improving your heath through bariatric surgery. Bariatric Surgery provides health benefits to obese people with diabetes, heart disease or hyper tension. Our team of surgeons always focus on carrying out the safest, most effective and minimally invasive LAP-BAND® gastric banding & gastric bypass surgeries.

We conduct bariatric surgery in Las Vegas, Orange County, and Los Angeles County.


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