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What is oBand®?

oBand® stands for outpatient adjustable, reversible gastric band. In the United States the FDA approved gastric bands are the LAP-BAND® and the REALIZE BAND.

Why oBand® Centers?

Because it is a leading bariatric network of outpatient surgical facilities owned and operated by nationally recognized LAP-BAND® surgeons. oBand® surgeons have successfully performed thousands of bariatric procedures.

How is the oBand® procedure performed?

Laparoscopically. Specialized instruments are advanced via five tiny incisions in the abdomen and the LAP-BAND® is placed around the upper stomach under the guidance of a tiny fiberoptic camera. There is no cutting of abdominal muscle, thus the recovery is faster.

How long is the oBand® procedure?

The procedure generally takes 30-60 minutes.

How long is the oBand® recovery?

Most patients spend 2-3 hours in the recovery room. If you have surgery in the morning, you will probably go home in the afternoon. Most patients are back to normal activity in 2-3 days.

Are oBand® adjustments painful?

No. The skin is numbed up above the LAP-BAND® port painlessly using a tiny needle. Adding or removing saline (salt water) takes a couple of minutes.

Is the oBand® procedure safe?

oBand® facilities are physician designed to provide a uniquely comprehensive environment focused on the safest, most effective minimally invasive surgical treatment and care of obesity.

What is the incidence of your complications?

Only exceptional surgeons with superior outcomes perform surgery at oBand® Centers. The complication rate varies from surgeon to surgeon. However, in general, oBand® Centers complication rate is significantly lower than the reported world wide rate of complications.

How quickly do I lose weight with oBand®?

On the average patients lose about 2 pounds per week. However, weight loss can vary substantially from patient to patient.

What kind of changes in my eating habits is expected?

After surgery during the first month patients start with a liquid diet and work their way up to soft foods. By the second month you can eat the foods you want to eat, but in smaller portions. Our dieticians will help you adjust.

What if I get pregnant?

The band can be adjusted to allow you to eat and drink without restriction, allowing for normal nutrition for you and your baby during your pregnancy.

Are the oBand® Centers Certified by National Certifying Bodies?

Yes. oBand® Centers are certified by the industry leaders such as JCAHO and AAAHC. In fact oBand® has established a standard of care above and beyond the requirements of these certifying bodies. In addition, oBand® is the only outpatient center in Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and one of a few in the United States, which has been granted “Full Approval” and is officially recognized as an “American College of Surgeons Level Outpatient Accredited Bariatric Center.” oBand® is proud to be a BSCN facility.

Why do your surgeons recommend LAP-BAND® procedure over bypass surgery?

The weight loss over time is essentially the same. The LAP-BAND® patients achieve their goals in a much more controlled, safe and healthy way.


  • low risk
  • minimally invasive
  • reversible
  • adjustable
  • no hospitalization
  • minimal incisions
  • not known to cause malabsorption
  • not known to cause unhealthy muscle wasting
  • not known to cause dumping
  • not known to cause diarrhea
  • not known to cause osteoporosis


  • high risk
  • invasive
  • irreversible
  • permanent, non adjustable changes in anatomy
  • 2-3 days hospitalization
  • intestines cut and rearranged
  • has been known to cause chronic malabsorption
  • has been known to cause unhealthy muscle wasting
  • has been known to cause dumping
  • has been known to cause diarrhea
  • has been known to cause osteoporosis

Will my insurance cover the cost of a LAP-BAND® surgery?

oBand® will perform a free insurance verification for all prospective LAP-BAND® patients. Furthermore, if the insurance company determines you cannot receive coverage but oBand® feels you are a proper candidate, we will take the extra step by engaging our experienced attorney in an appeals process for you, free of charge.

How will I pay for the LAP-BAND® surgery?

Paying for the LAP-BAND® procedure can be done in several ways. Insurance is the ideal primary method of payment. But if your insurance company will only cover a partial sum or not at all, oBand® can help you with financing.

We know this is a significant financial decision. But consider the cost of not having the LAP-BAND® procedure. Over time, treatment for weight-related health conditions will make the cost of living with obesity very expensive. The LAP-BAND® procedure is truly a sound investment in your long-term health physically and financially. Because preventing, improving, and resolving these health problems now is the best way to ensure your physical – and fiscal – health in the future.

Do I need frequent adjustments for my LAP-BAND®?

The key function of the LAP-BAND® is to control the amount you eat without feeling hungry. So adjusting the LAP-BAND® as your body responds to physical changes is critical to ensure long-term success. The first adjustment usually takes place a month or two after the procedure. As your body responds and changes in the first year or two, several more adjustments will be necessary to maintain the balance between controlled eating and feeling full.

Does the LAP-BAND® hurt?

No. The LAP-BAND® is a strong and flexible silicone device wrapped around the upper portion of your stomach. Only a soft balloon inside the LAP-BAND® comes in direct contact with the outer lining of your stomach. There are times when the band may feel tighter than usual, like in the morning, during menstrual cycles, under extreme stress, and significant increases in altitude.

Do I have to adjust my eating habits after getting a LAP-BAND®?

Yes. The LAP-BAND® reduces your stomach capacity, and increases digestion time. So you will have to learn how to eat less and at a slower pace than usual. Since meal portions will be significantly reduced, it’s crucial to make healthy choices in the food you eat so that your body receives the nutrition it needs while it’s consuming significantly less food. oBand® will provide you guidelines about everything from nutrition to thorough chewing to ensure your ongoing success after the procedure. Foods that should be avoided include bread, fibrous foods (e.g. celery) and non-tender cuts of red meat. Foods full of nutrients and vitamins are encouraged, while those filled with empty calories should be avoided.

What kind of support will I receive after surgery?

At oBand®, the patients receive as much support and aftercare as they are willing to accept.

Do I still need to exercise?

The LAP-BAND® should not limit physical activity and strenuous exercise, so it is important to incorporate an active lifestyle along with the proper eating habits to achieve your weight loss goals. Exercising 30 minutes for 3 days a week will help you reach those goals.

Can the LAP-BAND® be removed?

The oBand® can be safely and quickly removed. However, most patients choose not to remove the band since it is adjustable.

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