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oBand LAP-BAND® Surgery Beverly Hills

Cutting edge LAP-BAND® surgery Beverly Hills patients

If you live in Beverly Hills and are looking for LAP-BAND® bariatric surgery, consider the oBand Surgery Center Beverly Hills. Unlike other centers, where lLAP-BAND® surgery often means a long and painful hospital stay, the oBand Surgery Center Beverly Hills is an outpatient surgery center, which means a faster recovery and return to normal life.

The benefits of robotic surgeries

oBand Surgery Centers invest in only the most current and proven surgical technologies. In fact, oBand was one of the first outpatient facilities in the country to use the da Vinci® Surgical System for its bariatric operations. As a result, most patients go home in less than two hours and go back at work in less than two days.

In addition to robotic surgery, all oBand facilities give patients the following advantages in the care they receive:

• Our surgeons are fully accredited and certified
• Our facilities and equipment are state of the art
• Our staff is highly commended by bariatric surgery experts

Care after surgery too

The care we provide goes way beyond the surgery itself. Our highly acclaimed weight management program helps you keep the weight off. And we have many other services to help bariatric patients succeed in their journey, from your first meeting through your educational seminar and on through support after your LAP-BAND® procedure.

Of course, patient safety is our primary focus. That’s why our surgeons not only meet strict oBand requirements, they must also be accredited by the prestigious American College of Surgeons (ACS). Our operating rooms are also approved, by The Joint Commission, as well as being an “American College of Surgeons Level Outpatient Accredited Bariatric Center.”

You’ll find the oBand Surgery Center Beverly Hills at 1125 South Beverly Drive, Suite 505, in Beverly Hills. Want to learn more? Ask for a free consultation and hear about the bariatric procedures we offer there by calling (844) 751-2263. Our staff is ready and waiting to help you choose the right option to help you lose weight.

Beverly Hills Surgery Center

Los Angeles / Beverly Hills

1125 South Beverly Drive, Suite 505 Beverly Hills, CA, 90035

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