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Pre-Surgical Education

oBand® wants to make sure that you are properly educated in the LAP-BAND® and the surgical procedure so that you can make a well-informed decision. We will answer your questions about the LAP-BAND®, the pre-surgery requirements, and life after surgery. As you go through oBand’s program, there is plenty of opportunity to address any concerns you have with our doctors and staff.

The first step to learning more about LAP-BAND® is to attend a seminar, provided by oBand®. Whether you are participating in a in-person seminar or in an online webinar, you will gain valuable information on:

  • Understanding what obesity is and the health risks involved
  • Weight loss surgery, as well as the pros and cons/risks and benefits
  • Gastric banding and the options available; Realize Band and LAP-BAND®
  • The qualification process

Surgical Consultation

After getting a better idea about the procedure qualifications, you may choose to schedule a private consultation with one of our surgeons. During this time you will discuss your weight loss history, health conditions, and medical history so the surgeon can determine if you’re a proper candidate. Because seminars with a large number of people are not always the best forum to voice your individual concerns, you can use this time to your advantage to learn more and ask any questions you may have.

Medical Clearance

If you choose to proceed with oBand® surgery, our multispecialty team will help you obtain medical clearance for the procedure by identifying the proper diagnostic testing that may be required.

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