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oBand LAP-BAND® Surgery Las Vegas

LAP-BAND® surgery comes to Las Vegas

Las Vegas–are you ready to make a dramatic change in your life? oBand Surgery Center Las Vegas is ready to help you lose weight through LAP-BAND® surgery. oBand Surgery Centers feature the best outpatient surgical care for those who decide it’s time for bariatric weight loss surgery. And we offer laparoscopic LAP-BAND® surgery, which promises a faster procedure, a quicker and less painful recovery and a speedy return to your normal life.

Bariatric weight loss surgery not only helps you lose weight and keep it off. It helps control or eliminate many chronic health problems. It boosts your confidence and self esteem. It might even help your work or personal life.

LAP-BAND® surgery is a life-changing event. And oBand Surgery Center Las Vegas is standing by to help you make that change.

The best doctors and staff

Every oBand Surgical Center is staffed by highly trained doctors, nurses, technicians, patient advocates and support team.

  • Our surgeons are members of the prestigious American College of Surgeons
  • Our staff has been sanctioned by the American College of Surgeons Bariatric Surgery Center Network.

Committed to you

oBand Las Vegas is committed to standing by you every step of the way. From your initial phone call or office visit all the way through to reaching your target weight, our doctors, nurses and technicians will be there to support you.

This oBand surgery center offers weight loss surgery using the da Vinci® Surgical System. This “robot” offers more precision and accuracy, along with a special 3D camera that allows surgeons a better view than with their own eyes.

The result: Patients can go home within two hours of surgery, and usually return to work in just a couple of days. They experience less pain afterward, and begin losing weight right away.

You can find the oBand Surgery Center at 3560 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas. If you would like to consult a doctor or speak to a staff member about LAP-BAND® surgery, just call (855) 464-8472. We are ready to help you on the path to permanent weight loss.

Las Vegas Surgery Center

Las Vegas

3560 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV, 89121

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