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Life After Lap-Band Surgery

It’s important that you work with your oBand® team to lay down a strong foundation to start over from and make the necessary adjustments to your new life.

To achieve your short and long term weight loss goals, you must commit to the following: a new diet, new eating habits, an exercise plan, routine checks ups, regular LAP-BAND® adjustments and attending support groups.

New Diet and Eating Habits

The oBand® staff will provide you with detailed instructions and continuous support based on your individual needs.

Exercise Plan

oBand® health professionals will help you design an exercise program that is right for you. As you begin to lose weight from the diet and exercise, you will begin to see an increase in energy and endurance, which will in turn give you the confidence to progressively add more to your exercise routine.

Routine Checkups

Having routine checkups, especially during the first month after surgery, will give you opportunities to address any post-surgical concerns and make sure you stay on track for a healthy recovery and successful weight loss.


During the first year after surgery, it’s recommended you visit your surgeon for routine check-ups and make any necessary adjustments.

Support Groups

In addition to the positive physical changes that occur, you will be going through an emotional transformation as well. Support groups will help you prepare and deal with the changes in body, your relationships and emotional states. Counseling will be provided to help you transition from old habits to a set of new lifestyle changes.

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