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Picking the right doctor and facility

The decision to have surgery may be accompanied by anxiety, much of which can be relieved by understanding what the surgical procedure is and who is performing it.


Basic key areas to consider when determining the qualifications of your surgeon include:

  • Gastric Banding Experience
  • Laparoscopic Experience
  • Comittment
  • Confidence
  • Track Records
  • Testimonials
  • Past Work
  • Credentials
  • Certificates
  • Training and Education

A good opportunity to learn more and get a good feel for the surgeon is to sit down and talk with them in person. Ask questions, especially during the consultation phase of the LAP-BAND® process. Talking with past patients and get referrals from friends/family. Do an internet search.

Other factors to consider:

  • Staff — Often overlooked, the office staff, nurses and other health professionals are all critical in providing that high level of care and sustained support you’re looking for.
  • Multidisciplinary Support Team — Includes nutrition and exercise counseling, psychological support and related subspecialties team.


Making the right choice is important because as you commit to the weight loss program you will be laying down the foundation for a long-term relationship with the facility, not just the surgeon. The number of outpatient facilities has risen rapidly over recent years, with the offerings of lower costs, better scheduling, shorter hospital stays and faster recovery. While these benefits are real advantages, you should know what to look for when choosing an outpatient facility.

  • Facility must be properly equipped and adequately staffed
  • Check for proper certifications and accreditations
  • Take a look at the actual facility itself and understand the program they offer. If the facility is certified and accredited, chances are you will be satisfied with what you see.
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