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Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery in Beverly Hills

Research has proved that if we couple weight loss surgery with behavior modification, it will surely result in weight loss and a reduction in different obesity related health conditions.

LAP-BAND® surgery is one of the fastest growing forms of bariatric surgery. The procedure has been used in the U.S. since the year 2001, after the FDA approved it. The concept behind this particular weight loss surgery is to help severely overweight people in achieving long-term weight loss results.

LAP-BAND® surgery is a modern and minimally invasive surgery method. Bariatric surgeons make small incisions in the abdominal wall to insert narrow and hollow tubes to the surgical area. After this, specially designed cameras are passed through the tube to aid in the surgery. The laparoscopic band is positioned around the stomach to form a ring and its lock is then fastened for holding the band in place.

In the past years, many people in Beverly Hills, California have undergone this weight loss treatment because of the advantages like less pain, fewer complications and quicker recovery. For LAP-BAND®, Beverly Hills residents can count on the expertise of our surgeons.

How Does the LAP-BAND® Promote Weight Loss?

The small gastric pouch created by the gastric band limits the total food intake and slows the emptying process from the stomach to the intestines. Because of smaller stomach pouch and slower rate of digestion, the patients feel full sooner and for a longer time. If you want to eat more or less food, you can easily adjust the band.

LAP-BAND® Adjustment in Beverly Hills, CA

In the last few years, many obese people in Beverly Hills, California have chosen to undergo this particular weight loss procedure. During bariatric surgery, an access port that is connected to the gastric band by a tube is placed beneath the skin. The surgeon can add or remove saline through the access port by using a thin needle. This process is called inflating or deflating.

In case the patient wants to lose a little weight and the band is too loose, saline is added to reduce the size of the opening. If the opening is tight, the saline is removed. This is a unique feature of the procedure and a part of follow-up care.

oBand Surgery Centers, Inc., in Beverly Hills, has a team of expert surgeons for carrying out gastric LAP-BAND® surgery. We offer the safest and the most effective surgical treatment to obese patients. The surgeons at our centers have the experience of carrying out hundreds of gastric banding procedures by using state-of-the-art equipment and know how.

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