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Information About Payment Plans and Financing

We Can Provide a Financing Evaluation and Payment Options

Bariatric surgery should not be considered an expense, but rather an investment—an investment in better health. The long term success in weight loss, prevention and elimination of obesity-related risks, and benefits of a healthy lifestyle far outweigh the cost of the LAP-BAND® procedure.

Even so, bariatric surgery remains a significant expenditure for many patients. If insurance coverage is not an option for you, oBand® has financing options available to choose from.

Our financial assistance program offers a variety of ways to modify your financial responsibility for oBand services provided by the surgery center. Certain healthcare service providers are independent contractors (such as anesthesiologists and laboratories), and they bill for their services separately from the surgery center. These service providers may offer their own financial assistance program. We’d be happy to provide you with their contact information so you can ask them for information regarding their billing policies and payment for their services.

Payment Plans for oBand®

Every patient is expected to pay their estimated financial liability on or before the day of service at the surgery center. In the event a patient cannot pay the estimated liability in full, the surgery center may offer a short-term repayment schedule. This typically requires a minimum down payment. Keep in mind that the surgery center handles payment plans on a case-by-case basis as a courtesy—they are not obligated to offer this option. If a patient requires an extended repayment schedule, they will need to secure financing from an outside source.

Please contact Oband at (844) 237-5073 (BAND) for further information.


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